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Distribution theories only calculate variable based on given input Holding hands is known a friendship Traveling together is known freedom Tieing a knot is known welfare Transferring a motion is called as printing Theories in financial markets has a trending… Continue Reading →

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Looking forward to up your finances? Looking forward to enhance quality of your life? Enhance your mojo to succeed both financially & maintaining a proper balance on your personal life right with this amazing News Letter Our premium GKTecvision newsletter… Continue Reading →

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Ladies and Gentlemen- Here comes a highly skilled extremely talented, direct response experience copywriter for you. A leading name in copywriting industry, the founder of GKTecvision, Inc., Karnati Kiran is currently looking forward to expand & share his valued insights… Continue Reading →

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GKTecvision, Inc. is always looking forward to great copywriting assignments. We know you would prefer to check out our quality of work before sealing the deal with us and for your convenience, we have got here some of our copywriting… Continue Reading →

Cryptocurrency: Bitcoins – Why they came into existence

Today there is wide spread criticism on Crypto Currencies: Bitcoins. Also today the most spoken topic is relatively during the conversations regarding well being of states or countries finances with respect to above. Let me dwell deep into why the… Continue Reading →

I know Arun Jaitley has genuine questions about 2G spectrum court verdict- Hence I am answering all his questions

Today nation is divided on what approach is known as accountability. The policy guidelines are not affirmative then every individual will disobey the law. So let me clarify first why 2G spectrum policy is an honest policy then I will… Continue Reading →

Let us put an end to Nandi Award controversy in Andhra Pradesh

To be on the honest terms let me make the nation understand the premiere award function that is facilitated by great guests. Honoring the dignity of the award my views on this prestigious topic of interest. To accomplish is known… Continue Reading →

Tamilnadu vs other states in reservation – My openion

Why Tamilnadu reservation is justified and why it is not applicable to any other place in India and why Muslim reservation proposed by KCR for 12 % in Telangana is against the fabric of constitution. KCR does not know how… Continue Reading →

My Opinion and thoughts on Vijay Mallya

Today I wish the UK govt to accept my indecent notions to augment the substantial evidence to accept the guilty. Having said that I recur the disvalued interest by Indian govt. So to substantiate the willful defaulter, I want the… Continue Reading →

Creativity is often laid phenomena of distinguished ability.

The cause of information knowledge is often termed as creativity. But in the true sense, the creativity is a measure of how different your aspect of positioning is relatively answerable. Thank you for the great father of the nation who… Continue Reading →

Formulaic residence means agriculture is often the method of giving welfare.

In the theological system of governance, people farming lands are considered as human intentions of disadvantageous outright. In the governance model of systematic law, the farmers are not only isolated beings but also developed entities. Today I would like to… Continue Reading →

India’s economic growth replicates success from having high growth trajectory

Today many views and suggestions are often not implacable to revive the growth. The lest said about them the great will be the value addition. Saying this I want to propose and sentence the market’s improvement in the revival of… Continue Reading →

Nobel Peace Prize

Though there is very deep goal for Nobel peace prize to give to an organization for working on removing nuclear weapons, I will tell you why it is not possible. Creation happens with a purpose. The enemies always keep an… Continue Reading →

My solution to health Insurance problem of the USA – My understanding and inputs for this difficult problem

The sector of health insurance in America is currently marred with steaming debates and conflicts. The main reason for conflict is that Americans are of the opinion that the existent elaborate restructured principles will stall the development process. Let me… Continue Reading →

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