Today I have seen tensions ramping up at my golden IIT Madras campus. So I am writing this article to bring clarity to fellow youngsters who are misusing their Institute for doing non-polar incidents. I am also writing this to protect Indian interests on their Ideology and cagnofor metamorphosis.
Eating beef is often deluded phenomena while creating a hazard. Trying to act smartly is often looted concept from the rigorous anticipation of benefits.
Today on the campus there are lot discussions on benefits of eating beef and also what doctors say about eating beef in their meals. And easy temptations for muscles. Trying to protract the religion as a biased intelligence.
So let me clarify why centers ordinance has to be accorded in this country of honor.
Nature pre-takes every process of leveling the pre-material symptoms actually to preclude the weakening procedures. So let me tell you and bring more clarity.
Beef is made of such a categorical feasible portions that relatively break the particles of stomach and symptoms of justification to relatively adhere to the metamorphosis of natural instincts. Not only that every ounce consumed will not entitle the religious chords through evenly bought incidents of calibrated substance. So the person who eats beef will naturally have a bath that will deteriorate his symptoms to annihilate the process of injected paralysis aggressively. This not only carries neurotic discrepancies but also adhere the welcoming the indigent inclination towards maintaining of balance.
So in theory and practice eating beef is not a proposal that needs the youngsters to calibrate on.
The young Indians are rather using short cut ways to principles and ideology to create a natural process to procure substantial intelligence that gets accorded through often relative mall frames.
This is even not recommended through a constitution written by Dr. Ambedkar who himself did not understand what is forced him to write by Lord Narayana.
So let me explain how the constitutional framework is prewritten with banning of untold incidents of importance.
Constitution of India says this articulation very clearly mentioned.
“In the body, if the supposedly best has to be in the precautions then articles say the banning of such processed or unprocessed substances of equal targets through principles of added insecure inferences.”
This means the animals that constitute the natural heritage will not be tolerated for killing. This also means any animal which has instincts of maintaining the right or subservient precautions are to be handled through pain in the relative terminology of often regarded increase or decrease in changes that accrue the relative subsequent falling. Not only the Constitution protects those animals which carry the material of high principles of data over pre-relative appearance but needs to be protected through the law of governance in the region. This is maintained a secret in the law of Ambedkar. But let me clarify a little bit deeper into the insights.
Any law which violates the processed food carried over through maintaining of simplistic rituals needs to be avoided for killing. Not only that the principles adhered are to be carrying the great heritage of sacrifice in the literature of great knowledge has to be protected through various acts of the constitution.
My appeal to the supreme court is simple,”Carrying out religious principles is often a natural instinct of every human being. Ratifying that principles on the name of science and benefits are regarded as illustrative phenomena that need to be redemptive by following strict constitutional laws. The men and women who carry such evil-minded principles are not only harmful to the society by indulging in non-particular activities, but they define the notion of acting smartly.”
Thank you