Buddha, the honoured one, had lived a very austere life of purity. Purity here means purity in thought and actions. The great Buddha never complained about anything and had systematically influenced many great cultures and traditions. I never knew who the Buddha was- but through an understanding of my meditation I have come to the notion that every individual carries some form of “Buddha” in him.
This only means Buddha never taught religious dogmas. This particular concept is really relevant today when you wish to uncover the secret of Buddha.

conocer gente mostoles Why didn’t Buddha teach about any religion back then? Why was it valid at that time? Why it is not valid now? What were the conditions prevailing during those time periods? In those periods people did not sustain with key aspects written in their religious books. People were mostly trained to perform rituals without making them. Their only motive was to bring aspects of all rituals to their homes. This is wrong. So Buddha taught no religion so that people of all religions could come to him. But if you delve deeper into the concepts discussed in Buddhism, echoes of Hinduism would come to light. People who study Buddhism superficially do not understand those deep concepts.

source url I agree Buddhism arrived only to make people take the path which is not religious. But I also agree that every religion in its true sense is very beautiful. So asking people not to follow their religion would only their birth a misnomer for their right to reach their true potential. It’s only the people who don’t understand their religion screams about the superiority of their religion, demeaning all other faiths. According to them other religions are false or there is no need for any religion except humanity. All those people who shout do not land up in reaching their highest tenets of every religion. I will propose one non-religious method to attain happiness. Create a habit that will help anyone to perform mindful breathing. We live in a very knowledgeable society today and every nation wants to uphold the values of her cultural literature available.

site de rencontres monaco Had Buddha took to reincarnation, he would have revealed many secrets of his birth. Though I do not know how the Buddha looked yet I can imagine Buddha living a very sacred life- with strict adherence to the principles of what he believed or what he thought. Albeit science closely understands the Buddha-hood yet it’s only the experienced people in this great world who can tell the important events without distortion.