GKTecvision, Inc. is always looking forward to great copywriting assignments. We know you would prefer to check out our quality of work before sealing the deal with us and for your convenience, we have got here some of our copywriting samples. It’s not our entire batch of work, but some samples for our spec assignments meant to get you a better view of our premium writing flair. We heartily welcome up to the contact page where we can have further discussions about the specific goals & needs of your business.
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Levenger spec assignments challenge

How about a cool brick bookend?
Are you having a hard time with your shelf?
Are you frustrated with your beloved books constantly falling off your old shelf?
Don’t worry, here comes your opportunity!
Much to our delight, Levenger has come up with an exclusive goodie brilliantly designed to house your books strong. It’s an extremely well-designed bookend which renders a unique, exceptional platform worthy of your money and time. It’s trendy outlook makes it a must have for your favorite books.
We have got a wide range of amazing products sporting an exclusive differential aura that means value for both your time & money.
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Great features of brick bookend:
• Smooth, classy full-grain leather
• Skid-proof bottom
• Available in black & tan colors with stylish contrast stitching
• Up till 16 characters of personalization
• Weight: around 4 pounds
• Product dimensions: 4 1/2W by 2 1/2D by 6 1/2H

Notabilia Leather iPad Folio Spec assignment

On the lookout for something special that would accentuate your cool design office further? Well, you have Notabilia Leather iPad Folio for you here.
Here at Levenger, we are proud of our specially crafted product that can systematically lessen the metered goodies to hold & carry!
You have a premium standard leather iPad before you that assures a smart, smooth hold of your gadget.
It means a whole new look for you and you can carry it easily anywhere you go.
Main features of Notabilia Leather iPad Folio are:

• It’s designed to hold both your iPad/e-reader & Levenger Notabilia notebook
• Smart flap closure comes with functional suede lining that would prevent slips while on use
• Full-grain elegant, smooth leather make
• Available in black color
• The magnetic Gusseted pocket can hold your Nook. You can insert your Kindle Notebook in any direction
• Pen loop
• Product dimensions: 9 1/4W by 1 1/4D by 10 5/8H
• Product Weight: around 2 pounds
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Incomes Abroad spec assignment

Are you looking for easy means to make good cash?
Well, you must know Procrastination is your biggest enemy- you have to Act Now at this very moment.
Are you having a tough time with your bank balance?
Do you crave to be rich?
No need to worry as here you have an excellent yet simple money churning opportunity right before you!
Take a look at our testimonials, and you will understand how breezy it is when it comes to making money via Income abroad ideas.
Cool! So, now you’re here.
Everyone aspires for the opportunities to make good money easily these days that would churn out continuous income.
Thus, our advice to you is that simply browse through various means to find money by your key job areas.
Backed by a commendable reputation, our team here at the famous International Living will be sending you income reports daily that will carry extremely potential gains & rewarding subjects.
Our experts are armed with conventional ingrown opportunities that are tightly matched for amateurs to greatly advanced people.
We will corner every opportunity out there to customize a craft that will speak of excellent monetary benefits.
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Sovereign Society spec assignment

A game-changing algorithm!
Now you have complete Financial Independence in just one suggested easy stock tip!
If you have no idea on what you should buy, then you have an awesome secret waiting for you here!
Rush up! There is no time for delay!
It’s an extremely simple strategy that will help you to make cool cash through a simple suggestion.
No hassles anymore!
But if you are missing this today, there won’t be another such golden opportunity!
Hurry up to slate an internally reasonable portion of the portfolio to purchase this!
Make sure not to go overboard in risk calculation!
This renowned conglomerate boasts a superior record. You have a high profile NYSE-listed stock here which could be your evergreen portfolio. You should understand that pre-symptoms in market signify the very carry forward attribute of rebated price.
The stock here would mean magic for your valued portfolio. The primary reason behind the greatness of this stock is that the company holds shareholder value that isn’t considered of repetitive inclusive ways of calculating the economic distributed justifications.
The stock to be mentioned here comes with five various pre-undervalued conditions. It carries a couple of commonly readjusted portions that are not properly defined in calculations of the entry points. It implies valuation didn’t consider entry proposition to bypass selection of the forensic laboratories. In simple words, the stock didn’t value evergreen quotient of fiscal supply via direct implications heading for the adjusted aspects of sharp intermediary conjugations.
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