follow site Today in the society full of instant recommendation the relevant importance given to highly erroneous crimes are to be based on loss.
This means according to great maharishi the people who dominate the welcome are to be stipulated punished.
The reason for punishment is not to avoid but to console. In the method of seeking justice, the Narayana never keeps quiet of understandable recovery.
This means the tremendous level of suggestions is to avoid death penalty seeking an example of the father of nation or independence struggle or human awareness.
Let me tell you; the justice is not with all those. In the independence struggle, the chosen path is non-violence. Non-violence is chosen during that period because through truth we want to win. Through peace, we want to accomplish. Through enough methods, the chosen path is a glorious path.
Now after our independence we have natures sets of rules. These rules are in the form of constitution. The constitution is built on the foundation. The foundation is based on one principle.
It is, “The seeking of justice is through behavior and adjustable recovery and not based on struggle and enveloped information.”
This means Indian Constitution is based on principles layed for the betterment of every creation. These rules are based on rules of commonality and rules of atmosphere caution and relevant subsequent intersection.
Now every men and woman have the equal capability but different dimensions. This is not understood by many.
So keeping given resultant crackdown of nature’s therapy, I obey the rule and justice delivered through great masters of a constitutional body, the supreme court.
Thank you