source link Striving particles lead to the formula of determined process
What I mean here is that-
For a determined energy, there is never a pre-cooperative formula
But for an assigned natural coincidence, there is always a grooming factor working behind.
Let me explain further-
A sort of natural determination arises to bring in coherent principles.
Silence speaks of frequent direct interaction with changing sentences.
My interaction with a person of great calibre revealed that whoever decides to uplift the changing nature of sentences, he is, in fact, a person of coincidental efficiency.
I through great principles noted that cognizance is never related to appearance.
Appearance is a relative term for handful courage.
So anyone who says that he is beautiful, is never a person of integrity.
But when a person says he is luminous and he is radiating with honesty then he is certainly the greatest in the form.
So in one sentence-
Principles are never discussed together in public.
But principles help the nature to work on intuitively.