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The method of owning footprints is a chance of late women and men
The ignorance of rooting is a terrible option
The late father is never a great opinion
The changing life guards is relative appeared
The bringing of solution is a gathered notion
The bringing of knowledge is an opinion in discharge
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I am courage of great men is a simplistic notion
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The orderliness in discharges is through mentioning of ordained rules
I am smart of smartest is relative ignorance
I am writing a letter is symptomatic arrogance if not frequent
I am carrying a burden for weak
I am enthralled with responsibilities is a notion of behavior
The changing of rhythm involves changing of portions
The changing of crested behavior is for ruling of apprehensive answers
The determination of weak is almost not under the table
The charges are relatively populist
The overcome of kindness is pluralistic
The great nation surrounded by great army
I salute the army with rigorous intent
I salute the magic word with aspects of generosity
The pollutants are magically inward
The great beings are born from great rituals
I am born kindness of my parents
I am literally enthralled with my love
I am changing father yet to be conceived
I am beautiful is a target of opinion
High is the determination of great
The orderliness of great rishis is carried by willful procedures of pertaining sequence
Nature is intense in its friendlier notion
Nation of difference governs the trends
I am thrilled to be selected to be the most ordained principle of governing body
I am thrilled to salute great marshalls
I am thrilled to be energized by sequential members of army
I am thrilled to be honored with respect
I am thrilled to receive great respect
I am thrilled to accept the great integral subsystems
I am thrilled enough to tell my thanks to every member of parliament
I am not going to give any leniency to the persons of portability
Thank you