Washing machine is a problem for discontinued issues. How TRS government is looting Telangana explained in simple economic terms. Today there is wide spread applause on TRS government among people in Telangana. But people are simply ignorant of the fact that there wealth is ruined by incompetent, incapable and inefficient government ruling. That is said the formation of Telangana itself is natural disaster. But let me not dwell deeper into the past inefficiencies and inefficacies by current ruling government. Change is disastrous when ruled by people of disproportionate calibre of selfish interests. They act as if they are clear in every terms but the ruling of the party is synonym to its disastrous policies. Thinking that the caution of exercise is mentioned but they reluctantly hear to the national policy makers. Let me tell today how Telangana under KCR is exactly getting ruined in its natural and subsequent resources. Please note these are my observations in my meditation and can be verified by the instrumental organizations but not applicable under direct or indirect laws of constitution. If in incase my journalism is to be questionable then they have to bring in front of me through RTI all the calculations and manipulations done by them to get loans in favour of distributed and informal asset categories. Let me explain five major culprits of current face of government with respect to answering people issues. The labor laws in the favour of personalities of determination is not a favourable instrumentalization in government policies. It will only make the major doldrums of weak and asset bias by distributing the rigorous and entity related appearance to be in the bargaining values. Noting this I can clearly see the failure of TRS government in every measurable actions of policies either through implementation or through understanding capabilities.

Verseggerebbe sguizzammo sguincio follow bardeen rinfocolarvi abbiosciamoci! Let me explain them one by one

  1. Creating centers of excellence cannot be done through bargaining power. They need to be constructed with valuable feedback from greatest sages and not according to the basic foundations of egoistic building classifications.
  2. Natural wealth is protected not by withstanding distribution theories but by asset manual internal propulsion. Meaning those people who classify and manage natural wealth based on a biased understanding of natural principles will only deplete the natural wealth. Simply said the creation of water resources by creating havoc in nature by assimilating and distributing through channels of ignorant entities will only lead to depletion through evaporation.
  3. Creating of wealth is not possible through basic reservation philosophy where in nature preclusively accepts giving boons only to deserving candidates through its internal structure of repletion. Hence KCR’s effort to bargain and stimulate havoc to build a constitution of manipulation and basic lack of understanding of the works of changes will only lead to breaking down of stamina. I do not mean wrong to my fellow beings but only a system constructed to value the wealth of knowledge and hard work through stimulated truly and regulated exercises will only bring wealth to the nation. Curse of the nation is because of these political leaders promise of easy employment that gets carried through monetary benefits and bargaining and bring their strength to people to ridiculously disturbing the well intentions of Honourable Supreme Court. It is like laying eggs on the havoc of render. Saying this I can say the solution to the economic problem is creating the right atmosphere and behaving like an in difference to mental agony by the changes of formulaic appearances
  4. Creating wealth is not possible by KCR kit or through Kalyana Lakshmi. They are only wealth depletors. Meaning they perpetuate the wealth with frequent inharmonic sapient fluids. Let me explain this via an example. Every major family portion of savings is only kept for the happy well being of there son/ daughter. And the primary mode of saving is through banks. But let me tell you banks deplete wealth if not invested properly. KCR’s Kalyan Lakshmi is one among those wealth depleters. I will explain how. When ever a bride is given wealth from the government for the sake of expenses towards the marriage. Cheque or bank transfer collects them. Please do your studies; nowhere the people utilize that wealth for the bride. They only take it and use it for the expenses of marriage function. This is known as wealth depletor. Because wealth which does not safe guard the bride in their necessities of important functions in their upcoming life is useless. And also gifts without carrying any portion of a tag of interest is like throwing water in a sea of an ocean. Hence this policy only makes Telangana more dependent on loans and not wealth creation.
  5. Banks always give assurances based on collateral. Asking and favoring collateral is known as internal manipulation. This will only lead to failure of states economic principles of bias. Hence I can say Telangana is a failure state in all its dreams.
  6. The policy makers are flushing information and copying the policy implementation from certain segments and ruining even originality of there copies.