opzioni put Without knowledge I am hungry
With knowledge in memory I am disabled
Knowing everything is phenomenal
Not knowing anything is disabled
Trying to have hands on pre-formula for success I am not hungry
I am hungry when a thirsty person never gets food to fill his stomach
I am hungry when a revolution occurs for the intentions to harm others
I am hungry when a culture reflects its principle and notions upon gathering reposition
I am hungry when anger cannot be controlled for few minutes
I am hungry when a person dissuades a conflict based on his selfish interests
I am hungry when a mother cries for his child’s welfare
I am hungry when a soldier dies in an army tank
I am hungry when a person of disproportionate discipline argues on the principles of other people
I am hungry when teacher teaches a child wrong religious principles
I am hungry when an open-mindedness lack in culture of even territories
I am hungry when patents are cash withdrawn
I am hungry when an elephant cures by nature disvalue cautioned principles
I am hungry when a professor says he cannot make a child hero
I am hungry when unemployment causes fever of worship
I am hungry when terrorist outfits overcome national interest
I am hungry when people courageously discuss wrong values for their belongingness
I am hungry whenever a person disabled gets his income by hard work of no opportunities
I am hungry when a seeker of truth does not stand by his words
I am hungry when a person of integrity notionally accepts a bribe
I am hungry when a national politics takes place for their self-governed interests
I am hungry when politicians speak language of dogs
I am hungry when CEO of a company does not understand ethics and values governed by its employee and employers
I am hungry when a able person never spokes his problems
I am hungry when a prime minister understands the problems of the nation but does not take steps to overcome with literal information
I am hungry when dog bites are not seen as a temporary loss
I am not holding hands for the phenomenal results underground
I am holding hands so that when a person appears in front of you, you become timely adjustment to meet
I am hunger strike for wrong principles of notional interference
I am hunger when an airstrike happens, and people get down
I am hunger when nature does not understand the welfare of humanity
I am hunger when the sun does not radiate its simplicity
I am hunger when earth does not wear a great burden to look after its children
I am not hunger for welfare of torturous crimes by intelligent bureau
I am hunger when they do not submit the report to the court of justice
I am hunger when a doctor treats his men with money in the form welfare society
I am hunger when a person does not understand the principles of cultural diversity
I am hunger with narrow-minded discussions regarding any principles in society
I am hunger for a worker who does not get his daily wages because he did not calculate the notional principles
I am hunger when a flight gets delayed for want of reputed citizen not in governance
I am hunger seeing distress in so many people across the nations
I am not a fully grown individual of wisdom, but I am monitoring my thoughts improvement day and night.