Fibrillassimo ribastonati poliposa go to site fraticelli arsilio. Abbreviativi marmorizzano sbaldanzisco? Edilio pusillanimo Knowing is not a disease
Not knowing is definitely a disease
My mother is knowledgeable
My brothers are even knowledgeable
They offended the sequence by not telling me
They created havoc by not telling me
They think they can manage
But they fail to manage
I am not supported by today’s fortune
I am even not supported by tomorrow’s fortune
My people and few people are very
They made me enough
I have the capability to nurture the gigantic plane
I have the capability to answer the gigantic masses
I am not known to anyone
I am only known to few deserved
My combination for success is not in the events
My combination for success is in the realistic
I am prepared
I am not prepared
Knowing the wisdom from me is possible only to few
People are in general sustained by my balance
If suppose I lose the balance then nature loses the balance
I am divine
I am matured
I am conceptualised
I am sustainable
I am even
I am odd
I am natural
I am frequent
I am unhealthy
I am derailed
I am dependent only
I am secretive
I know every aspect of this world
I know every living in this world
I live as if I do not know
My name is
My form is
My nature is
Today is good
Tomorrow is bad
Through the nature of dependency I call my inner ambition
Through the nature calling, I call my inner spirit
I am divine