binaire opties abn Narayana please enlighten me about the future incidents that will happen in India due to Juvenile act. And also, please tell me the reason behind the 18 years limit.
I will enlighten you-
Children are in general named after universal love.
The reason behind the 18-years age limit is laid down in the Shastras. It is mentioned that it is at the age of 18 that children become supposedly adult. It’s because it’s in the 18th year that children develop jnana. This jnana means occupying of energy to become dashapatima.
So, when the children become dhashapatima they will develop enough vasana.
Today they have passed the juvenile act to reduce the age of children to be considered as adults.
I will tell you the implications of it
1. This way, every child in India has become obsessed with adult nature & lifestyle.
So when they enter the age of 16, they separate their key organs with frequent masturbation. It results in impotency by the age of 21.
2. If this continues in India, everybody will die at the age of 46.
3. Consequently, what happens is at the age of 32 they become responsible for family disaster being unable to react to thresholds. Hence when the people get into psychological issues, women will die at the age of 41.
4. Another important region consciousness will develop intensely and people will seek support of animals to overcome their sexual generosity.
5. As a result, people in India will start having sex with animals to overcome suggestive implications.
6. At the age of 39 people will develop red particles resulting from evenness and they will kill their children with knives.
7. Then the person who gives birth will lose interest in Sex and the people will stop reproducing children.
8. So if you see the statistics of next 20 years, you will notice a remarkable thing- Indian population will get reduced to just 49 crores.
9. The reason for 49 crores is that for the population in question, the resultant downpour of gathering will become subjective enough to cross over the values learnt in their lives.
10. All the citizens, who would be the children of such couple, will die by 39.