1. Consuming what is required by you and your family
2. Accomplishing the highest standards in material success
3. Accomplishing finest spiritual goals
4. Living behind the treasure for less privileged
5. Caution in spending for the benefit of desperate
6. Changing eating habits and cultural events to fulfill the goal of undisputed honesty
7. Giving the people of your community the wealth accrued in the form of jurisdiction
8. Following the footsteps of great leaders
9. Understanding the death as eventuality
10. Never leave braces of wealth to less deserved
11. Always keep the smile in the dirty situations
12. Follow the principles laid in every great literature
13. Disturbing animals in the disguise of men to be punished
14.Keep the habit of wealth to be nurtured by the eventful masters
15. Keep a principled approach to every natural living
16. Understand the behavior of every living creature
17. Changing the drinking habits to fulfill the spiritual goals
18. Analyzing the articles of constitution
19. Behind are the great women who are in distress and need support in every natural way of wealth
20. Creating a healthy atmosphere for the fortunate and unfortunate children to education
21. Beauty in over reading the accomplishments

source site Beautiful men in this nation and across the nations always have the common tendencies and approaches. So I follow a simple approach which says living rich is a correspondence to the values driven by above principles. So caring for each other is also a way of living rich. The ten commandments of philosophy is also a way of living rich. The articles of constitution reading them continuously is a living rich. So there are many principles of habitual learning is also a living rich. Justifying your intent is not living rich. Proposing a salary to employee benefits is also a living rich.
So simply unanswered query added to the knowledge is also a living rich. Diluting the purpose of marriage is not living rich. Tendencies approach valuation of governance is also a living rich. The nine dimensions of learning is also a living rich. So in conclusion living rich is abiding by your principles of courage.
The name written on your badge is living rich. The name written on your subtitles is living rich. The asking of the Father the heaven is living rich. The belongingness of father and mother is living rich. The Brotherhood is living rich. The conjugation is living rich.