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Whenever we see merit is thrashed by reservation on the name of disadvantaged & social justice, it deeply hurts Indian students.
Truly speaking there is no need for any reservation. But in spite, the government recommends a reservation in the name of caste. This is oblique. Saying this I want to present how India is struggling because of reservation.
Whenever a candidate gets selected through the reservation, he carries the bad odor of indiscipline. But saying this why Constitution has obeyed for reservation is simply not known even to Almighty.
In the almighty governance, there is no reservation.
Almighty governs the nature with specific facts of merit.
1. Downpour citizens, if they show commitment to rise beyond their circumstances, they will be given the knowledge
2. Aggressive citizens will be rewarded now but will enthrall karmic law of sustenance and balance. It is the more dangerous system.
3. Almighty never governs the system with reservation in capacity
India does not need any reservation. With simplicity, India needs the courageous people who overcome their situations with blunt of knowledge and systematic energy spent in various degrees towards the path of enlightenment.
Political leaders often tend to base their arguments with lesser maintained systems of theoretical and hypothetical never working principles.
Thank you