source The Trinity God is not watching
The mountain god is not watching
The sacred water is not watching
The temple authorities are not watching
The fellow beings are not watching
The secret society is not watching
Those who are watching are my natural friends
Those who are not watching are my divine friends
Towards the methods
I come across
Towards the inward, I come cross across
I lived all my life entirely
I cautioned all my life with disability
My hunger is only withdrawn
My thirst is only withdrawn
I am eating food
I do not understand the meaning of food
Do you have courage?
I have systematic courage
To me, the hunger and thirst are made by the sun
My hunger and thirst are uneven
I do not want to survive without food and water
But if necessity arises I can compromise my
This means the only way to live on this earth will be really tough
I know I am keen on helping everyone
But people are reluctant to listen to me
I know the people are ambitious only to make more money
The key inward nature is Adwaita
Success is measured by how sweet his words are
Failure is a measure of how discrepant disturbing the words
I know every art
I know every cat
I know every animal
I know every human
If they challenge me, they will survive
If they listen to me, they will not survive
I know I am mastering
I know I am reading
I know I am galloping
I know I am withering
The sun and moon are not listening
The Earth and Mars are keeping quite
The Jupiter and Venus are crying
The Neptune and other planets are shivering
The universe is withdrawing
The creation is becoming imbalanced
Nature is withdrawing
The sun is withdrawing
The moon is dissipating
I am listening
I am listening
If this continues
The creation will collapse
I will not survive
But the people will survive
I know I am not with the people’s understanding
I know I am reluctant leader
To be honest, if anyone deserves my presence they are lucky
Towards the justice, I am moving
If anyone obstructs, they will loose
The creation is on the verge of collapse
I am listening
But I will not continue
I will not bring
I will not handle
I will bow to the sun
I will bow to the earth
Soon there will be loss of sight to many
Soon there will be loss of harmony in many
This is caused because they are not listening to me
I am listening to the world
Nature is listening to me
The cremation is already present
I am not going to live or die
For me, there is only one proportion
The result is not given
The result is generic
The preparation is not generic
I am holding
I am the queen of the palace
I am the king of the place
I do not support anyone
I will not support anyone
To the final judgment, the day is progressing
To the eventuality, the humanity is living
I am listening
I am listening
Are you listening to my voice?
Are you listening to my breath?
I am mastering