Weakness is known as a biased instrument. Strength is known as a calibrated instrument. The implication of above statement is those who are weak are certain to lose. Those who have strength are supposed to great values. So simply said, I am thou knowledge is the only protection which can be garnered in the presence of the master. I am thou disturbed is known as weakness. So the happiness is an accomplishment of strength. The sad is not weakness. Sad is known as behavior of happiness in its increments in the times of dissolution. The change in the body is known by its values. The change in the mother is known by its values. But the change in the worried country is because of its identical similarities that are in bargaining judgement. So let me be more happy is a tendency to draw the symptoms to a collusion of nature. The great implications of disturbed are not known to anyone. Those who certainly say I am master is really those who got there inclination towards the almighty. So simply said the master will never eat not eccentric but in the values of harmones to be with nightmares.