source url Today I wish the UK govt to accept my indecent notions to augment the substantial evidence to accept the guilty. Having said that I recur the disvalued interest by Indian govt. So to substantiate the willful defaulter, I want the UK to understand the depth of the case and not return him to his paradise home in India. To be honest, in my approach, I would generate his long-term individualized correcting factors and seize his properties in USA/UK with respect to his adventurous nature. Having said that returning him to India will only worsen the situations that are gambled by the govt. To speak in the interest of Vijay Mallya is not my intention but to extradite him will only bring the govt applause and segregate the further de entrailed lasting frequent mistaken discongruent matters. I stand with the obligation of UK govt to honor his petition and raise a symptomatic approach to regress his information land and create terror in the region of prominence. Not only that he made many severe crimes of intense nature, but he cannot be questioned with existing laws in place. The suggestion for the Indian govt is to modify the existing law regarding the occupation of different pragmatic interference by government bodies in case of defaulted issues. This is especially important because the Indian govt had helped Vijay Mallya in all his endeavors till now and is equally responsible for his meritorious miscreant nature. The effect of this can be easily seen. Now leaving all the Indian officials including finance minister and prime minister who held responsible ownership in his business through frequent lies is equally targetable by the court. But let us not dwell deep into the issue for the reason of stability in the country in the current facing challenges. Hence making someone a scapegoat after being integrally working with him for past decade and now furnishing his dis valued interest is like standing on a shepherd. This has to be undone in future. So let me put my views with regards to Vijay Mallya. Vijay Mallya has done a criminal offense and it is known to every one. But what is not known is the responsible governing bodies in the current and previous government are equally responsible for keeping quiet all through decades and in few cases became culprits of taking money from him. Now bringing and adjusting whole responsibility onto a single person is like acting too much in favor of people of the country. This is cheating in relevant cases of the constitution. If none of the Indian govt officials know this before then it is only a big acting drama. This means every top officials from IPS, IAS know all these disturbing games before and after. But they took greedy of success to play a card in fighting for the inconvenience to list before the law. This is a terrible disease and not to be over cupilated incident. Hence I suggest the Indian govt to enforce a strict law to make the guilty to ridiculously lose all there properties in case of desfunctionary parameters. Saying this in the inconvenience of people is not my intent. Saying this only on the precaution is my point of argument. Making some irregular miscreant a scapegoat for all this dilemma is not a part of difunctionary nature. Hence I recommend to announce my stance is with Vijay Mallya though he did indefinite manipulation but according to law of the nation he cannot be punished in any case. So this argument of willful defaulter will pragmatically intensify his disobedience and let the court in UK take up this case and punish him according to UK laws and para amount of dis temporary influence. Hence I abscond by making the repeated mistake and fund the treasure with obedient people in future. Not only that this case is preferentially taken up by UK govt as a request and to bring the guilty to justice in a different paradigm of international agreements.