1.Creative intelligence is a part of Inspiration

In this small book, we have discussed the major portions of secluded areas of Inspiration. Phenomena that are rarely discussed are elusive. Success is preordained to those individuals who undertake the path less illustrative and high dimensions. In this book, we have discussed the largely unfrequented areas of Inspiration. The content of this book puts clarity and wisdom at one’s disposal. This book facilitates the understanding of the great behavioral science, which is not only very exhaustive but also very intimidating. Upon deep reading, one may be able to correlate their life experiences to the underlying behavior patterns. This could in turn contribute to improvement through the inculcation of great habits, which will eventually lead them to extraordinary success. The phenomena that are not discussed are elusive. I know very well that success is preordained to those individuals who undertake the path less illustrative and high dimensions. This book is written and published on behalf of our organization, GKTecvision, inc.




GKTecvision Launches Subscription Newsletter And E-Book To Help In Financial Success Through Vedas

Hyderabad-based leading Forex Trading Company launches news subscription newsletter service and eBook that will guide on how to achieve extraordinary success in life by taking to great old Vedic principles.

Hyderabad, Telangana, India – WEBWIRE – Monday, January 23, 2017

Great news for all those aspiring for a happier wealthier life through trading! Leading Hyderabad-based Forex trading company GKTecvision Inc. has recently launched its subscription newsletter service and new eBook “Creative intelligence is a part of Inspiration” that promise to help traders in attaining financial success in life through the archaic time-tested Vedic principles. Both the new launches will cater to the international audience too, added to the Indian traders.

The e-book is launched on Amazon and is available in Kindle version.

Founded by IIT Madras alumnus Karnati Kiran, GKTecvision is based on the great ideologies of rich Indian culture and traditions. For over 3 decades, the seasoned FX trader has been into meditation which revealed to him the magnum power of Vedas in solving almost all the common problems of the world. Empowered by deep Vedic knowledge and paired with his huge expertise in FX trading, Karnati Kiran founded his own trading company in 2015 to help out others.

“We are excited to announce that GKTecvision has recently launched its new subscription newsletter service and an eBook. Both the new launches stress on inculcating the great Indian habits and Vedic ideologies in behavior that have proved to bring in extraordinary success in life. Here you will have the greatest knowledgeable person on earth explaining all the major religious principles coupled with achievable, successful and practical guidelines that will in turn enable one to enhance his life both financially & spiritually”, stated the leading spokesperson from Karnati Kiran’s team.

The seasoned FX trader has shown an incredible success rate in his trading endeavors amounting to a grand 85% success rate with 242 trades. His newsletter is usually tad expensive but the new subscription newsletter service assures free access to the premium newsletter contents for the subscribers. Specialized in finance & spirituality, GKTecvision’s newsletters speak of highly informative, enlightening and premium contents that guide on various ways to enhance the financial stand.

“On average, my trading can generate minimum 500% profit a year and I have this withstanding capacity to extend you high-yielding income through Forex trading and that too with just simple procedures. My e-book will show you how to relate your life to desired behavioral improvements based on adoption of great habits- that would eventually bring in the aspired success in life. Yes, behavioral science is pretty exhaustive & intimidating but I have made things easier for you in my book for a better understanding of the nuances”, added in Karnati Kiran, the leading FX trader and the man behind GKTecvision.

Karnati Kiran’s powerful trading methodology is designed on 5 asymptotic definitions that are carried through exhaustive maintenance. In fact, his trading system is mostly beating the current market with high valuation indices.

To sign up for the subscription newsletter service, www.gktecvisionpremium.com and to get your copy of the book, visit Amazon.

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The sector of health insurance in America is currently marred with steaming debates and conflicts. The main reason for conflict is that Americans are of the opinion that the existent elaborate restructured principles will stall the development process.


National Court of Appeal - Mainstream regularization won't be worthy as it would only result to stubborn disobedience. The very right to fight for justice these days is for the poor only when you have Supreme Court taking it up. Violence based on theoretical interference can only force unobstructed structural violence. The Supreme Court's occupational capacity mustn't be increased. Simultaneously, time spent in refusing the court cases should be followed sincerely by reputed structures. And, I have come up with an intermediary solution for this.


I am nothing but disabled without awareness of surroundings. It's amazing to know everything. On the other hand, lack of knowledge is crippling. I do not crave for any template for success.


The great Trinity God seems to have stopped watching us. The revered mountain God too is not looking after us. The holy water has stopped caring for us. The great temple authorities do not watch us any more. Our fellow beings aren't watching. Our secret society hardly care for us. Those who have been watching, I consider them as my loyal natural friends. Those who have not been watching, I look up to them as my esteemed divine friends. I am coming across towards the very methods I am coming across...


While there is the whole buzz around citing 3D printing as the definite future of humanity, I beg to differ for certain reasons that I have penned down below. To start with, the 3D mechanism here banks on resin, and it is actually harmful to our body. You don't always need to come in physical contact with it to understand the danger- in fact; you will end up hurting your eyes even if you stare at it for long.


Call it supplemental energy, intricate philosophy and residual establishment- there is a temple in my locality (close to Vasavi Colony) which is founded on 3 decades of values, information, development which are surfaced through the presence of eight goddesses in infiltration procedure of immense knowledge of serious symptomatic perception of the religious devotees who frequent the place. The eight goddesses are believed to support the five major elements of harmony. It's through their presence in higher consciousness; these goddesses structure an extensive implementation of energy that could be overwhelmed by an ardent belief in written prepositions.


Most of us might have read or at least heard about the verdict of Science in determining the creation of the Universe. The following article will give you a clear perspective on the evolution of the Universe and will prove how the Big Bang Theory is not correct!


If the Congress government had taken the decision of demonization in a low GDP condition, then 3 major culprits would have benefitted


Telugu New Year has just passed away on March 29th, 2017. It is widely celebrated with rituals in South India. Thus, it would only be right to make the most of the occasion and delve into some wisdom that suits the arrival of the New Year. I have gained immense knowledge and wisdom thanks to meditation. It would be wrong on my part to deprive you of the same that could come in handy. Here are some valuable life lessons


The recent war in Syria has been vehemently condemned by various quarters and the honorable United Nations has even interpreted it as a "collective failure."

In the mighty arms, the leftover symptoms suggest that every tri secular support implements the cognizant situation handling. This means the greatness of a nation is not in tightening the interest rates but in the opaque sealing of how important it is to garner the well-being of every individual


Saturday and Sunday are calendar holidays. Period.
But, contrary to the popular notion, these holidays are never a time for celebration.
In fact, these two days are equally important as the business days as the various planetary positions are equally chargeable

Today is a great day in my life. But I was following some unrefuted information casually. In that process, I recollected my inner sentences to attach value to the spherical beings congruently.As I was working through it, I wrote few words that have been meandering across my subconscious domain of knowledge and wisdom.

During the civil rights movement, India was not tolerant to the Gandhian philosophy of attaining freedom through non-violence. But the caution practiced by Gandhiji's members posed the question that whether India would follow the great traditions as cited by the great man or take to gun and powder to fight the enemies. However, the strength of the brave lies in one word: non-violence

The Art of Living program of Sri Sri Ravishankar by the Yamuna River was supported by thousands of men & attended by innumerable guests. This program is organized by the art of living bringing a large number of dignitaries from International Diaspora.

All psychiatric medicines are based on one single principle. The post below will get you a solid idea of the core idea behind it
The psychiatric medicines are given to people leading a non-hygienic life to reset him back to a healthy hygienic lifestyle. This is applicable to all medicines prescribed by psychiatrists. In fact, the psychiatrists have this tendency to force you to accept their understanding without curing your disease.

The great Buddha never complained about anything and had systematically influenced many great cultures and traditions.I never knew who the Buddha was- but through an understanding of my meditation, I have come to the notion that every individual carries some form of "Buddha" in him.
This only means Buddha never taught religious dogmas. This particular concept is really relevant today when you wish to uncover the secret of Buddha.