source link During the colonial period, the information is shared through means of hardships in delivery and processing. During mid and education intense living the rights are framed based on laws of greatest. But today in the technological era the rights of individuals fighting for the privacy and protection are not surpassed with excellence. The reason being the humid variety of impersonifications related to implications and importance. The nine guards of the nation are always in the hands of superior intelligence. They guard the turbulence withheld intense courage. Hence the pertaining laws regarding the elevation of poverty should not be under the private or public scrutiny. Saying this Aadhar is a monumental way of improving pervershing life. It can be used as a way to destruction as well as a way to improved courageous in time cognizance. Those people who argue the right to privacy to be illiterate are wrong. The literate people if they had a degree of post graduation or graduation and reputed for there up known challenges they can be privileged to be lived according to there hindrances and approaches. Meaning they should be given special privilege based on parameters of concise and voluminous frequent literary overviews. Only in cases pertaining to greatness in indulgence and greatness in occupational cognizance people of highest authority should entitle them for right to privacy under a subsection of intermediary or attestation from regular review.