Om Keeravani ye namaha
Om pavithra pujaye namaha
Om samrudhi theeraye namaha
Om chanakya rajyaye namaha
Om triloka sundarye namaha
Om vishva karma anusaraye namaha
Om Maha pathivratha shiromaniye namaha
Om karthika pujaye namaha
Om Maha vichina rajaye namaha
Om sampoorna Ramayana me namaha
Om trivikrama shaliye namaha
Om sampradaya gattaye namaha
The evidence of proof seeking some written values are not entered in the atmospheric region
The courage of great men are ordained by situational intensity
The known are very few
The unknown are literally long
I persuade the philosophy of governing the nature through master keen
Today I present stipulated phenomena for overlapping the great remember of Sarasvati
The main nature is correspondent to great ocean
The every particle in this nature is near the ocean of Saraswati
I portray my event to the great Saraswati for her ambiance and great valor
Oh the great Ganapathi the starvation is a result of independence
The great owner of …………………. Is situated in the atmosphere of great known theory
Oh the almighty god I portray my acceptance to the very great written values
I through gaining the important knowledge seek the ocean the environment to support
Oh the divine god I portray my presence