The disturbances that are common are uncommon. This is what the greatest beings on earth say. Those who are disturbed always say I am improving. Those who fail say, I am in virtue of failures due to circumstances. Nature never calculates a person whether he is symbolic or not. It only means I am not the overly implied caution. So the caution of nature is to bring its identical values to the discussion table and identify itself from being the occurrence of a behavior. Nature has always known by its identical similarities in the presence of a master. So you know is always a wrong preposition. I also know a wrong inclusion. I value is the right way of occurring in the knowledge of master. Nature is always placed in its identical similarities. Its temperature knows the changes of nature. Its weather identifies the differences of its culture. So nature says this, I am the propeller of fuel in the sky but disseminated in the body. The keying out values is always a natures way of imbibing the master. The great nature never occupies its importance by threatening but by love and sharing. Thank you

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