If the Congress government had taken the decision of demonization in a low GDP condition, then 3 major culprits would have benefitted-

see 1. The particular community which said it would precariously do the value addition. 2. The enemies around will suggest going to the maternal father. Weakening economy will enable other countries to reap the advantage of having the resolute passed so that the uneven tendencies can presume the creative formula. It signifies that the government has to maintain a very stable position in the situation discussed above. Any problem here and it would badly cost the cultural harmony in the country. The next major target for enemies would be to devote the tankers so that the economy gets more disturbed. In such situations, it’s really complex to decide between the preservation of cultural harmony in the country and taking advantageous people at a task.

cn money i trader Indira Gandhi had asked the then Congress senior that isn’t it more just to concentrate on poor by cultivating the principles of highest caliber instead of struggling with more discouraged principles. The Narayana, the Almighty, decided not to disturb the interrelated portions of governance because it could have led to the punishment of the poor. So, Narayana suggested Indira Gandhi stabilise the government, relieving it from the claws of communal disharmony and encouraged and nurture values-based system in children of the future.
So Indira Gandhi took up the priorities the government should handle rather than disturbing the environment of encouragement and lateral systems of rendering support in the successive international propaganda. 3. Another major reason for not implementing demonetization in 1971 was that the earth was in tremendous pain due to the high valuation of systematic industrial progression. You will find related information in many casual journals. This is very important because India at that time was in dire need of support to develop the technological advances and also to stabilize the Industrial systems of. Had Indira Gandhi taken the decision to demonetize at that time, three major things would have led to a menacing hunger-death riot for the poor.

here They are-

source A. If demonetization takes place, nature will either bring on a disciplined organized system of governance or behaved untheoretical nature of governance. And this can be very dangerous. B. The principle associated with nature opines that the struggle for better standards needs to follow a procedure-
• Procedure should understand the hypothesis
• Hypothesis should be based on frequent knowledge
• Knowledge should be based on systematic behavior

If the thread of any of these symptoms is removed, it will lead to disenchanting of harmonious coexistence. Hence, as a true seeker of God, I know Indira Gandhi, the greatest leader to ever rule India, took a proper courageous decision not to demonetize at the cost of hampering the systematic growth of India.

Now, people might ask that if Indira Gandhi was right with her decision why is it that the country is still suffering from poverty?

The simple reason here is that right humanitarian values have not been imbibed in the citizens. Indian Congress leaders are in no way responsible for the present long-standing scenario of poverty in India.