source link Let me enlighten you about the National Herald case with a small story-
You have sharks in the ocean which always remind of the curious citizens interested in the public offices. The maintenance of curtailment is remembered with water. It means that those who attempted to punish the greatest people would deepen their correspondence in future.
The person who is incapable of even direct velocitical courage will try to withhold the bail through manual upheaval. The judge’s response is great!
So let me enlighten you about the wisdom in that case in one sentence-
“During the residual matters concerning the organisation, the real person who developed the balance sheet methodology will not be overcharged, in case of either even or odd.”
That means that the wisdom in the case is not accountable to any kind of punishment.
Another reason is that the person who maintains the account balances is not likely to charge the investors on the ground of durability or withdraw. Sometimes the charges are not odd and scope to redeem is not possible. Hence, this case does not have legal entitlement.
Since the judge has the power to question the manipulated evidence against the people, the Subramanya Swami will be arrested on the charges of sections which are relevant today.
His manipulated tactics can be easily identified –
1. He got the forged document for the office.
2. He prepared the successive templates to release the foreign funds utilised for purchasing the case.
3. These foreign funds are with his right-hand who will forward it to members of his family in a successive way of recurring orders after seven years.
4. The necessary document received by him is in his locker and is sharply divided by his deep relations.
5. Added to arrests for misguidance and forgery, he should also be brought to trial on the ground of sections that sentence 10 years of imprisonment.